Improve Your Digestion

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How to make your gut work for you and not against you

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Health starts in the gut, your second brainIf you have digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion or heartburn after meals, or tend towards constipation or IBS – or you simply don’t feel energised by your food – Improve Your Digestion will show you how to tune up your gut. It offers an easy-to-follow road map that will help you achieve perfect digestion, absorption and elimination, which means you’ll experience better health and disease resilience, and a new level of vitality. Improve Your Digestion unravels the complex workings of the digestive system, explaining why it is now being called the second brain, and why having healthy gut microbes is so vital.Fascinating and practical, this comprehensive guide to our most underrated organ explains how to:· Banish bloating and constipation· End indigestion and heartburn without drugs· Identify and reverse hidden food intolerances· Solve IBS and inflammatory bowel disease· Conquer candidiasis and other gut infections· Restore healthy digestion with foods that heal· Balance your gut bacteria and make your own probiotics· Build your resilience to stress – a crucial factor in achieving good digestionImprove Your Digestion also includes an action plan for a healthy gut, as well as tips for self-diagnosing which digestive supplements you may need and when. You’ll learn which foods are digestion-friendly and discover the art of Gutstronomy – how to prepare delicious, gut-friendly breakfasts, main meals and snacks, guided by kitchen wizard Fiona McDonald Joyce.Make your gut your friend and it will reward you with better health.]]>



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