In Silico Dreams


How Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology Will Create the Medicines of the Future

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<p><b>Learn how AI and data science are upending the worlds of biology and medicine</b></p> <p><i>In Silico Dreams: How Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology Will Create the Medicines of the Future</i> delivers an illuminating and fresh perspective on the convergence of two powerful technologies: AI and biotech. Accomplished genomics expert, executive, and author Brian Hilbush offers readers a brilliant exploration of the most current work of pioneering tech giants and biotechnology startups who have already started disrupting healthcare. The book provides an in-depth understanding of the sources of innovation that are driving the shift in the pharmaceutical industry away from serendipitous therapeutic discovery and toward engineered medicines and curative therapies.</p> <p>In this fascinating book, you’ll discover:</p> <ul> <li>An overview of the rise of data science methods and the paradigm shift in biology that led to the in silico revolution</li> <li>An outline of the fundamental breakthroughs in AI and deep learning and their applications across medicine</li> <li>A compelling argument for the notion that AI and biotechnology tools will rapidly accelerate the development of therapeutics</li> <li>A summary of innovative breakthroughs in biotechnology with a focus on gene editing and cell reprogramming technologies for therapeutic development</li> <li>A guide to the startup landscape in AI in medicine, revealing where investments are poised to shape the innovation base for the pharmaceutical industry</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for anyone with an interest in scientific topics and technology, <i>In Silico Dreams</i> also belongs on the bookshelves of decision-makers in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, technology, venture capital, and government.</p>


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