Infographic: How It Works: Machines and Motors


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There are endless facts to learn about vehicles and motors, but once you’ve absorbed them, do you really know how these machines work? They keep on turning thanks to some incredible processes – and grasping them is the key to understanding machines. It’s time to discover how cars go, how a plane flies and how to dig a tunnel. Pore over the step-by-step infographic art and fascinating facts to uncover the dazzling truth about man-made inventions – then try out the mind-bending challenges on each page!TOPICS:How to make a bicycle goHow to stop a bicycleHow a crane liftsHow a digger digsHow a car goesHow to make electricityHow to harvest a cropHow to dig a tunnelHow a plane fliesHow a submarine divesHow a hovercraft fliesThe Infographic How It Works series is an exploration of the processes that make the world go round, from the activity in tectonic plates to the enzymes that break down food in our bodies. Each process is clearly explained using amazing infographics and essential facts – plus an experiment or challenge for readers to try, so they can keep the discovery going.Other titles in the Infographic How It Works series:Life on EarthOur PlanetOur UniverseToday’s TechnologyYour Body]]>




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