Infographic: How It Works: Our Planet


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There are endless facts to learn about Planet Earth, but once you’ve absorbed them, do you really know how your own planet works? It continually changes thanks to some incredible processes – and understanding them is the key to understanding it. It’s time to discover how volcanoes erupt, how rocks form and how rain falls. Pore over the step-by-step infographic art and fascinating facts to uncover the dazzling truth about this amazing planet – then try out the mind-bending challenges on each page!TOPICS:How the continents moveHow an earthquake happensHow a volcano eruptsHow to build mountainsHow rocks are formedHow tides workHow a river carves a gorgeHow the water cycle worksHow rain fallsHow lightning is madeHow a hurricane formsThe Infographic How It Works series is an exploration of the processes that make the world (and the universe) go round, from the activity in tectonic plates to the enzymes that break down food in our bodies. Each process is clearly explained using amazing infographics and essential facts – plus an experiment or challenge for readers to try, so they can keep the discovery going.Other titles in the Infographic How It Works series:Life on EarthMachines and MotorsOur UniverseToday’s TechnologyYour Body]]>



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