Informal Empire in Latin America


Culture, Commerce and Capital

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An interdisciplinary interrogation of the concept of British ‘informal empire’ in Latin America. <ul> <li>Builds upon recent advances in the historiography of imperialism and studies of the nineteenth-century modern world, most obviously the work of Ann Stoler, Catherine Hall and C.A. Bayly</li> <li>Combines a comparative perspective with the juxtaposition of political economy, cultural history, gendered and postcolonial approaches</li> <li>By proposing and debating alternative explanatory models, the book breathes new life into the flagging concept of ‘informal empire’</li> <li>Illuminates the study of British imperialism, from which Latin America is usually conspicuous only by its absence, and provides a broad and sound basis for interpreting the complex processes of nation-building and state-formation in Latin America</li> <li>Includes essays by scholars who have been shaping the debate for several decades, alongside work by a younger generation of researchers keen to re-conceptualise and re-assess the roles of commerce and culture in shaping informal empire</li> </ul>


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