The Value of Online Identity

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<p><i>Infoselves</i> delivers a multifaceted analysis of the commodification of self-identity online, from both a domination and a liberation perspective. Drawing on multiple resources, the book places its discussion of online identity within the larger context of self-identity evolution, arguing for the recognition of online identity as a legitimate component of the self-identity system. Advertising executive turned academic, Demetra Garbașevschi offers readers the means to understand the way our online identities are formed and used, to reflect on the future of self-identity, and to become more aware of the radical implications of our digital footprint.</p> <p>Readers will discover what it means to be an infoself in a deep digital context, from exploring the informational makeup of self-identity, to examining the various sources of identity information found online, to exposing the uses of this information through both latent and assertive self-commodification. Considering the many sources of information contributing to our identity narrative online, some beyond our direct control, managing the self is presented as one the greatest challenges of our digital present.</p> <p>The book includes illuminating discussions of a variety of topics within the subject of online identity, such as:</p> <ul> <li>Foundational concepts related to the idea of identity, including references to the works of Erik Erikson, symbolic interactionists, and social dramaturgy</li> <li>The evolution of online identity, with examinations of early and current viewpoints of the phenomenon</li> <li>Personal branding online as the epitome of self-commodification, with examples from online celebrity, micro-celebrity, and nano-celebrity</li> <li>Original research contributing to the larger discussion about how identities are constructed and performed through-the-line</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for graduate students in advertising, branding, and public relations, <i>Infoselves</i> also belongs on the bookshelves of those studying fields involving digital media. Working professionals in any of these areas will also benefit from this book&rsquo;s insightful analyses of a variety of viewpoints on online identity.</p>


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