Inorganic and Organic Thin Films


Fundamentals, Fabrication, and Applications, 2 Volumes

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<b><br /></b> <p><b>Learn more about foundational and advanced topics in polymer thin films and coatings besides species with this powerful two-volume resource</b></p> <p>The two-volume <i>Inorganic and Organic Thin Films: Fundamentals, Fabrication, and Applications</i> delivers a foundational resource for current researchers and commercial users involved in the design and fabrication of thin films. The book offers newcomers to the field a thorough description of new design theory, fabrication methods, and applications of advanced thin films.</p> <p>Readers will discover the physics and chemistry underlying the manufacture of new thin films and coatings in this leading new resource that promises to become a handbook for future applications of the technology.</p> <p>This one-stop reference brings together all important aspects of inorganic and polymeric thin films and coatings, including construction, assembly, deposition, functionality, patterning, and characterization. Explorations of their applications in industries as diverse as information technology, new energy, biomedical engineering, aerospace, and oceanographic engineering round out this fulsome exploration of one of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas of scientific and industrial research today. Readers will also learn from:</p> <ul> <li>A comprehensive introduction to the progress of thin films and coatings as well as fundamentals in functional thin films and coatings</li> <li>An exploration of multi-layered magnetic thin films for electron transport control and signal sensing, including giant magnetoresistance, colossal magnetoresistance, tunneling magnetoresistance, and the <i>quantum anomalous Holzer effect</i></li> <li>An in time summary of high-quality magneto-optics, nanophotonics, spin waves and spintronics using bismuth-substituted iron garnet thin films as examples</li> <li>A thorough discussion of template-assisted fabrication of nanostructure thin films for ultrasensitive detection of chemicals and biomolecules</li> <li>A treatment of biomass derived functional films and coatings</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for materials scientists and inorganic chemists, <i>Inorganic and Organic Thin Films</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of solid state physicists and physical chemists working in private industry, as well as polymer and surface chemists who seek to improve their understanding of thin films and coatings.</p>