Integrated Tactical Planning


Respond to Change, Increase Competitiveness, and Reduce Costs

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<p><b>The experts at&nbsp;Oliver Wight&nbsp;provide&nbsp;business leaders&nbsp;with&nbsp;invaluable information&nbsp;for integrating&nbsp;the&nbsp;tactical planning&nbsp;process&nbsp;</b></p> <p><i>Integrated Tactical Planning</i> (ITP)&nbsp;is an essential process for&nbsp;regularly re-aligning&nbsp;product, demand, and supply plans in the short term,&nbsp;thereby&nbsp;giving&nbsp;the Executive team&nbsp;the confidence that&nbsp;operational activities&nbsp;are being well&nbsp;managed, unless they formally hear otherwise.&nbsp;This cross-functional re-planning process&nbsp;is vital to responding&nbsp;to&nbsp;change,&nbsp;increasing&nbsp;competitiveness, and&nbsp;reducing costs.&nbsp;<i>Integrated Tactical Planning:&nbsp;&nbsp;Respond to Change, Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Costs</i>&nbsp;helps&nbsp;senior executives&nbsp;devote more time to&nbsp;strategy and other value-added&nbsp;activities&nbsp;by deploying ITP practices throughout their organization.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Written by the leadership team at Oliver Wight,&nbsp;one of the&nbsp;world&rsquo;s&nbsp;most respected&nbsp;firms&nbsp;for effectively&nbsp;integrating&nbsp;business processes&nbsp;and improving business outcomes, this authoritative resource&nbsp;offers&nbsp;a&nbsp;contemporary view of the processes, behavior change methods, and new technology for implementing&nbsp;ITP&nbsp;processes.&nbsp;Throughout the text, the authors share business-proven concepts, define fundamental terms, and provide real-life examples of how Integrated Tactical Planning has been applied in various industries and businesses.&nbsp;Clear and accurate chapters cover essential topics including&nbsp;strategy alignment, product and demand plan execution, supply scheduling, performance improvement, and more.&nbsp;Presenting the information necessary to get an organization started on its Integrated Tactical Planning journey, this book:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Describes how&nbsp;to&nbsp;manage and align&nbsp;product&nbsp;portfolio changes and new products&nbsp;within a single management process&nbsp;</li> <li>Explains the mechanisms and behavioral requirements for an organization to successfully execute Integrated Tactical Planning&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Offers methods for improving reaction time and&nbsp;cost-effectively responding&nbsp;to&nbsp;changes&nbsp;in Demand and Supply&nbsp;</li> <li>Reviews different design and deployment strategies, structures and roles, and the key&nbsp;ITP&nbsp;elements&nbsp;such as&nbsp;process definition&nbsp;and&nbsp;sustainability&nbsp;</li> <li>Features&nbsp;a&nbsp;comprehensive&nbsp;case study that details the challenges&nbsp;and results experienced by an Oliver Wight client company that implemented Integrated Tactical Planning&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p><i>Integrated Tactical Planning:&nbsp;Respond to Change, Increase Competitiveness and Reduce&nbsp;Costs</i>&nbsp;&nbsp;is&nbsp;a must-have book for&nbsp;senior executives, leaders, managers, and planners at organizations of any size across all industries.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


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