Integrating Work Health and Safety into Construction Project Management


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<p><b>Provides insights into how health and safety can be more effectively integrated into the procurement, design, and management of construction projects</b></p> <p>This book aims to explore the ways in which technological, organizational, and cultural strategies can be combined and integrated into construction project management to produce sustained and significant health and safety (H&S) improvements. It looks at design and safety practices, work organization, workforce engagement and learning, and offers ideas for producing systemic change.</p> <p><i>Integrating Work Health and Safety into Construction Project Management</i> addresses how best to achieve safety in design through the adoption of a stakeholder management approach. It instructs on how to drive H&S improvements through supply chain integration and responsible procurement and project management practices. It examines the components of a culture for health and safety and the development of a cultural maturity model. The book discusses the potential to improve H&S through the provision of conditions of work that afford workers a positive work-life balance. It also covers how advanced technologies and the application of techniques developed from health informatics can support real time analysis and improvement of H&S in construction. Lastly, it looks at the benefits associated with engaging workers and using their tacit H&S knowledge to inform work process improvements.</p> <p>This text also: </p> <ul> <li>Provides new and non-traditional ways of thinking about H&S</li> <li>Focuses on technological, organizational, and cultural integration</li> <li>Offers a multi-disciplinary perspective provided by an internationally recognized research team from the social sciences, engineering, construction/project management, and psychology</li> <li>Presents, in detail, the collective analysis from a broad-ranging ten year program of collaborative research</li> <li>Contains a rich range of industry case studies </li> </ul> <p><i>Integrating Work Health and Safety into Construction Project Management</i> is an excellent resource for academics and researchers engaged in research in construction H&S, as well as for postgraduates taking construction project management and H&S courses. It will also be beneficial to consultants, policy advisors, construction project managers and H&S professionals.</p>


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