Interactions of Blood and the Pulmonary Circulations


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A thorough exploration of the interaction between erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets, and the pulmonary vasculature in a variety of disease states-an important topic not addressed by other books. <p>The lungs accommodate the entire cardiac output, and the pulmonary vessels are well known for their metabolic and endocrine functions, as well as gas exchange. The interaction of the pulmonary circulation with the cellular elements of blood has received less attention. Interactions of Blood and the Pulmonary Circulation covers many topics of interest to the clinician. In particular, chapters on sickle cell anemia provide a wealth of information on mechanisms of vascular occlusion, suggesting new approaches to treatment for the cardiologist and the pulmonary and intensive care physician. Intensivists will also enjoy the chapters on the role of leukocytes and inflammation in lung injury, and those on the contribution of platelets and thrombosis in pulmonary hypertension. The long-term management of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is covered in detail.</p> <p><br /> This book will be of special interest to pulmonary and intensive care physicians, cardiologists, hematologists, and vascular biologists.</p>


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