International Laws of Contract Bridge 1993


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The International Laws of Contract Bridge have been effective since 1 January 1993. The laws described in the book apply only to Rubber bridge.The copyright in the British Commonwealth (other than in the Western Hemisphere), the continent of Africa, in India, Spain, Portugal, and all English-speaking countries is vested in the Portland Club. The Portland Club is a London card-playing game club and the recognised early authority on the games of whist and bridge. It is reputedly the oldest card club in the world. Founded some time before 1815 as the Stratford Club, it was given its present name in 1825.The copyright in all non-English-speaking countries in Europe (other than Spain and Portugal) is vested in the European Bridge League.The copyright in the Western Hemisphere and in the Republic of the Philippines is vested in the American Contract Bridge League.]]>




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