International Practice Development in Health and Social Care


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<b>International Practice Development in Health and Social Care</b> <p><b>International Practice Development in Health and Social Care</b><p>The second edition of <i>International Practice Development in Health and Social Care</i> remains the definitive resource for all those responsible for facilitating innovation and change in health and social care practice at every level. Fully revised and updated throughout, this new edition preserves its focus on developing person-centred, safe and effective evidence-based care that reflects the most recent health service modernisation agendas, clinical governance strategies, and quality improvement initiatives worldwide.<p>Designed to empower multi-professional healthcare teams to transform both the culture and context of care, this invaluable guide:<ul><li>Offers an accessible, interactive approach to a variety of complementary improvement approaches that integrate learning, development, improvement, knowledge translation and inquiry</li><li>Delivers practical practice development (PD) strategies guided by values of compassion, safety, efficacy, and person-centredness</li><li>Provides recommendations for prioritising wellbeing in the workplace, enabling team effectiveness, and fostering collaboration and inclusion across health and social care systems</li><li>Includes numerous real-world examples that connect theory with practice and illustrate field-tested PD methods</li><li>Features contributions from Australia, Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, underscoring the text’s international focus</li></ul><p><i>International Practice Development in Health and Social Care</i> is essential reading for multi-professional healthcare practitioners including nurses, midwives, allied healthcare and medical practitioners, clinical educators, PD coordinators, health and social care leaders, managers and commissioners, and students and trainees from all the healthcare professions.