A devastating psychological thriller you won’t be able to stop talking about

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Innocent or guilty. It’s all a matter of interpretation…A childhood spent moving around the world left Revelle Lee with an unusual gift – the ability to fluently speak 11 languages. Now, Revelle spends her days translating for witnesses, victims, and the accused across London crime scenes and courtrooms. It’s a stressful job, though not as stressful as the process she is currently going through to adopt little boy, Elliot. She is determined to be the mother to him that she never had, and to make up for her own past mistakes.But when it seems a murderer will go free, Revelle puts the adoption and her job at risk, deliberately mistranslating the alibi to ensure he is found guilty. No one can ever find out that she interfered or she will lose her son and her livelihood.The problem is someone already knows what she’s done. And they want justice of their own.]]>