Intimate Animal


Why we’ve evolved to live and die for love

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An evolutionary exploration of love, sex and relationships.Dr. Justin Garcia is a world-leading expert on the science of love and sex. In his first book, he explores the multiplicity of human sexual and romantic behaviour, the forces behind our intimacy instincts, and why humans across the globe live and die for love.Our competing evolutionary desires for sex and intimacy create highs and lows in our romantic and sexual lives. The Intimate Animal provides practical tips on love and attraction – two biological systems often in painful conflict – and presents compelling case studies to help deepen and strengthen our relationships.Sharing the knowledge that he has acquired working on the frontlines of modern love and sex research, Dr. Garcia helps us to understand the science behind a spectrum of human intimate experiences. From the intimacy crisis, physical affection, redefining gender roles and courtship norms, to understanding why we stay in abusive relationships and stray from fulfilling ones, this book will help you understand how to successfully look for love and cultivate a rewarding relationship in an ever-changing, high-speed digital age.From infatuation to heartbreak, The Intimate Animal offers us the first evolutionary understanding of the entire life course of our intimate relationships – how we date, mate, break and remake our love lives.]]>