Introduction to Built Asset Management


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<b>Introduction to Built Asset Management</b> <p><b>Provides a multidisciplinary introduction to building maintenance management and execution, covering a wide range of current technical and management issues</b> <p>The maintenance and upgrading of existing buildings is no longer viewed as separate from the operational phase of the completed building. Maintenance and management are now regarded as fundamental parts of a building’s life cycle, forming a significant percentage of the construction industry’s total output. As higher education programmes in the UK and elsewhere continue to place greater emphasis on the longer-term view of construction projects, students and instructors require a thorough and up-to-date textbook that emphasises the comprehensive nature of building maintenance. <p><i>Introduction to Built Asset Management</i> is a systematic introduction to both the technology and management issues central to building maintenance and refurbishment. Covering the entire life cycle of built assets, the textbook reviews the role of framework agreements, describes key performance indicators, discusses recent advancements in the procurement of maintenance activities and more. Detailed yet accessible chapters include illustrative examples, seminar questions and self-assessment tasks that enable students to measure their progress as they work through the material. Designed to meet the needs of today’s learners, this much-needed textbook: <ul><li>Addresses a variety of both environmental and commercial concerns</li> <li>Evaluates important concepts of sustainability, sustainable maintenance and carbon resilience</li> <li>Discusses the growing retrofit market in the wider context of asset management and maintenance</li> <li>Describes information management tools such as building information modelling (BIM) and geographic information systems (GIS)</li></ul> <p><i>Introduction to Built Asset Management</i> is ideally suited for courses in construction, construction management, building surveying and facilities management with modules in built asset management and maintenance.