Introduction to Chemical Engineering


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<b> </b></p> <p><b>An accessible introduction to chemical engineering for specialists in adjacent fields </b> <p>Chemical engineering plays a vital role in numerous industries, including chemical manufacturing, oil and gas refining and processing, food processing, biofuels, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastics production and use, and new energy recovery and generation technologies. Many people working in these fields, however, are nonspecialists: management, other kinds of engineers (mechanical, civil, electrical, software, computer, safety, etc.), and scientists of all varieties. Introduction to Chemical Engineering is an ideal resource for those looking to fill the gaps in their education so that they can fully engage with matters relating to chemical engineering. <p>Based on an introductory course designed to assist chemists becoming familiar with aspects of chemical plants, this book examines the fundamentals of chemical processing. The book specifically focuses on transport phenomena, mixing and stirring, chemical reactors, and separation processes. Readers will also find: <ul> <li>A hands-on approach to the material with many practical examples </li> <li>Calculus is the only type of advanced mathematics used </li> <li>A wide range of unit operations including distillation, liquid extraction, absorption of gases, membrane separation, crystallization, liquid/solid separation, drying, and gas/solid separation </li></ul><p><i>Introduction to Chemical Engineering</i> is a great help for chemists, biologists, physicists, and non-chemical engineers looking to round out their education for the workplace.


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