Introduction to Hospitality Management


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<p>The hospitality industry’s rapid evolution provides career-seekers with tremendous opportunity&ndash;and unique challenges. Changes in the global economy, rising interest in ecotourism, the influence of internet commerce, and myriad other trends contribute to the dynamic nature of this exciting field. <i>Introduction to Hospitality Management </i>presents a thorough overview of historical perspectives, current trends, and real-world practices. Coverage of bar and restaurant management, hotel and lodging operations, travel and tourism, and much more gives students a comprehensive survey of this rewarding field.</p> <p>Focusing on practicality, this text presents real-world examples of traditional methods alongside insightful discussions surrounding changes in consumer demands and key issues affecting the industry. The industry&rsquo;s multifaceted nature lends itself to broad exploration, and this text provides clear guidance through topics related to foodservice operation, convention management, meeting planning, casino and gaming management, leadership and staffing, financial and business models, and promotion and marketing. Emphasis on career planning and job placement strategies give students a head start in charting their future in hospitality.</p>


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