Introduction To Modern Planar Transmission Lines


Physical, Analytical, and Circuit Models Approach

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<p><b>P</b><b>rovides a comprehensive discussion of planar transmission lines and their applications, focusing on physical understanding, analytical approach, and circuit models</b></p> <p>Planar transmission lines form the core of the modern high-frequency communication, computer, and other related technology. This advanced text gives a complete overview of the technology and acts as a comprehensive tool for radio frequency (RF) engineers that reflects a linear discussion of the subject from fundamentals to more complex arguments.</p> <p><i>Introduction to Modern Planar Transmission Lines: Physical, Analytical, and Circuit Models Approach</i> begins with a discussion of waves on transmission lines and waves in material medium, including a large number of illustrative examples from published results. After explaining the electrical properties of dielectric media, the book moves on to the details of various transmission lines including waveguide, microstrip line, co-planar waveguide, strip line, slot line, and coupled transmission lines. A number of special and advanced topics are discussed in later chapters, such as fabrication of planar transmission lines, static variational methods for planar transmission lines, multilayer planar transmission lines, spectral domain analysis, resonators, periodic lines and surfaces, and metamaterial realization and circuit models.</p> <ul> <li>Emphasizes modeling using physical concepts, circuit-models, closed-form expressions, and full derivation of a large number of expressions</li> <li>Explains advanced mathematical treatment, such as the variation method, conformal mapping method, and SDA</li> <li>Connects each section of the text with forward and backward cross-referencing to aid in personalized self-study</li> </ul> <i>Introduction to Modern Planar Transmission Lines</i> is an ideal book for senior undergraduate and graduate students of the subject. It will also appeal to new researchers with the inter-disciplinary background, as well as to engineers and professionals in industries utilizing RF/microwave technologies.


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