Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications


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<p><i>Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications, 2<sup>nd</sup> Edition</i>, provides first-year engineering students with a practical, applications-based approach to the subject. This comprehensive textbook covers pre-calculus, trigonometry, calculus, and differential equations in the context of various discipline-specific engineering applications. The text offers numerous worked examples and problems representing a wide range of real-world uses, from determining hydrostatic pressure on a retaining wall to measuring current, voltage, and energy stored in an electrical capacitor.</p> <p>Rather than focusing on derivations and theory, clear and accessible chapters deliver the hands-on mathematical knowledge necessary to solve the engineering problems students will encounter in their careers. The textbook is designed for courses that complement traditional math prerequisites for introductory engineering courses &mdash; enabling students to advance in their engineering curriculum without first completing calculus requirements. Now available in enhanced ePub format, this fully updated second edition helps students apply mathematics to engineering scenarios involving physics, statics, dynamics, strength of materials, electric circuits, and more.</p>


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