Invisible Women’s Club


The perfect feel-good and life-affirming book about the power of unlikely friendships and connection

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Ignored. Overlooked. But they’re about to prove everyone wrong…Janet Pimm is used to being invisible. 70 something, with her beloved allotment for company, she simply doesn’t need anyone else.But when the local council threaten to close the allotments, Janet will do anything she can to try to save them – even enlisting the help of her irritatingly upbeat and interfering neighbour, Bev.As the two women set off on a journey together, Janet begins to realise that perhaps she isn’t so happy to blend into the background after all. And that maybe there’s more to Bev than she first thought. As they fight to save the place Janet loves most, both women find their voice again and no one can silence them now…A story of friendship, female lives post-menopause, community spirit and the importance of connection.]]>