Isogeometric Optimal Design


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<i><b>Presents a unified approach for combining CAD, CAE, sensitivity analysis, and optimization, helping readers to understand the theories of the isogeometric finite element method and shape optimization systematically and accurately.</b></i><br /><br />&bull; Presents an emerging concept connecting the research topics of Isogeometric Analysis and Shape Optimal Design<br />&bull; Imparts the ability to integrate the computational description of design with computational analysis tools within a single unified framework<br />&bull; Written by authors at the cutting edge of research and application, as well as a top expert in sensitivity analysis<br />&bull; Spans fundamentals of optimization and analysis in addition to providing concrete application examples<br />&bull; Includes sample codes within the book implementing both Isogeometric Analysis and Isogeometric Shape Optimization as an accompaniment to the examples given