It’s Complicated


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Dee has always dreaded having to make big life decisions. But when she gets some unexpected results from a routine blood test just before her 34th birthday, she’s told that if she wants to have a child, she needs to get on with it – fast. The problem with this is – well, actually, there are quite a lot of problems. Her boss has started paying her in burritos, she’s been sleeping on a colleague’s sofa and her family situation is far from straightforward. Oh, and her almost-definitely boyfriend Nat, who Dee has carried a torch for since they were at school, has almost-definitely broken up with her. Desolate and feeling like she’s running out of time, Dee hears about platonic co-parenting, where two friends have a child together, but no romantic or sexual relationship. Before long, she finds herself suggesting it to Andy, the owner of a coffee truck who she’s met precisely twice and isn’t even sure she likes. To her shock, in the cold light of day he doesn’t seem to find the idea as laughable as she does… The two of them start on a very modern journey to becoming platonic co-parents. Dee keeps telling herself that it’s all strictly business. But as they start to become more involved in each other’s lives, will their arrangement stay that way? And, in her heart of hearts, does she even want a baby?]]>