J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax 2022


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<p><b>The latest edition of the leading resource for&nbsp;individual&nbsp;tax preparation in the US&nbsp;</b></p> <p>Fully revised to reflect numerous changes to the 2021 tax code,&nbsp;<i>J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax Professional Edition 2022</i>&nbsp;delivers step-by-step instructions that walk you through&nbsp;each worksheet and form you&rsquo;ll need to help your clients file their taxes. This popular guide provides tax-saving advice on&nbsp;every available deduction, so you can be sure your clients are keeping as much money in their pockets as possible.&nbsp;</p> <p>You&rsquo;ll find special features included throughout the&nbsp;guide, including new tax laws, recent IRS rulings and court decisions, tax filing pointers, and tax planning strategies. The book also offers:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Critical information on the impact of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) on&nbsp;individual tax filings&nbsp;</li> <li>Discussions of&mdash;and guidance for&mdash;practicing&nbsp;before the Internal Revenue Service&nbsp;</li> <li>A set&nbsp;of&nbsp;the most used&nbsp;2021 tax forms&nbsp;</li> <li>Citations of&nbsp;tax law authorities&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>The gold standard in tax preparation&nbsp;guides for Certified Public Accountants, other accountants, and tax preparers,&nbsp;<i>J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax Professional Edition 2022&nbsp;</i>is a&nbsp;fully updated,&nbsp;one-stop resource&nbsp;designed to help you deliver unmatched service to individual taxpayers.&nbsp;</p>