John Milton


A Short Introduction

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In this compelling first volume in the <i>Blackwell Introductions to Literature</i> series, Roy Flannagan, editor of <i>The Milton Quarterly,</i> provides a readable and uncluttered critical account of a complicated and sophisticated author, and his poetry and prose. <br /> <ul> <li>Puts John Milton under the microscope, using the still-evolving critical perspectives of the last fifty years</li> <li>Looks at Milton’s life, and the cultural background to his work, as well as examining his writing</li> <li>Considers how and why Milton’s work has endured the centuries to educate, entertain and intrigue so many generations of readers</li> <li>Ideal for the reader falling in love with Milton’s poetry and prose, who longs to know more about what people think about the poetry, the man or the historical context</li> </ul>


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