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A Themed History

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<i>Journalism Today: A Themed History</i> provides a cultural approach to journalism’s history through the exploration of overarching concepts, as opposed to a typical chronological overview. Rich with illuminating stories and biographies of key figures, it sheds new light on the relationship between the press and society and how each has shaped the other. <ul> <li>Thematic study of the history of journalism, examining the role of journalism in democracy, the influence of new technology, the challenge of balancing ethical values, and the role of the audience</li> <li>Charts the influence of the historical press for today’s news in print, broadcast, and new media</li> <li>Situates journalism in a rich cultural context with lively examples and case studies that bring the subject alive for contemporary readers</li> <li>Provides a comparative analysis of American, British, and international journalism</li> <li>Helpful feature boxes on important figures and case studies enhance student understanding of the development of journalism and news as we know it today, providing a convenient springboard for follow-up work.</li> </ul>


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