Keeping a Christmas Promise


Escape to Iceland with the most feel-good and uplifting Christmas romance of 2022

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A Christmas to remember for a friend they’ll never forget Four friendsWhile on holiday twenty-five years ago, Freya and her three best friends created a bucket list. As they talked about families, careers and travelling, the future seemed bright, full of hope and most importantly guaranteed…One promiseNow, Freya and two friends are travelling to Iceland in memory of the friend they’ve lost, determined to fulfil her dream of seeing the Northern lights. Nothing – not even a snowstorm – is going to stop them. A life-changing adventureWhen an avalanche leaves them stranded, a handsome local, Petur, comes to the rescue and shows them how the community come together to survive. With Christmas fast approaching, the women throw themselves into village life preparing for the festive celebrations. As Freya’s love for the village and feelings for Petur grow, could this be her chance to find true happiness?]]>