Kingdom of Sand


the exhilarating new novel from the author of Dancer from the Dance

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‘Affecting and engaging’ COLM TÓIBÍNOne of BuzzFeed’s Hot LGBTQ+ Books From The First Half Of 2022Out in the drought-struck backwaters of rural Florida, The Kingdom of Sand’s nameless narrator lives a life of semi-solitude, enjoying the odd, fleeting sexual encounter and the friendship of a few.His world is ageing, and the memories of another time flash, then fade – visions of parties filled with handsome young men, the parents whom he chose to spend his life besides, the generation he once knew, struck down by AIDS. But, when forced to watch the slow demise of a close neighbour, he is drawn back to the here and now, and his own borrowed time in this kingdom of sand. An elegy to sex and the body, but also a tragically honest exploration of loneliness and the endless need for human connection, The Kingdom of Sand marks the much-anticipated return of Andrew Holleran.A The Millions Most Anticipated Books of 2022]]>