Kiss After Dying


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She’s ready to make sure he gets exactly what he deserves… Pre-order now to be the first to find out why, in the irresistible new thriller that everyone will be talking about next year.***This is a story about Hannah. She seems shy. Some would even say spiky.People don’t pay much attention to Hannah. Which is exactly how she’s planned it.It’s also a story about Ricky. Ricky is anything but shy. Rich, charming, good-looking, Ricky has never had a problem getting what he wants.And now he wants Hannah.There’s a spark between them from the moment they meet. Even Hannah can’t resist a man like Ricky for long.But this is not a love story.In fact, it’s a little like Hannah. First you’ll be intrigued. Then you’ll realise there are hidden depths. And then, when you least expect it, you’ll be hit by a twist you never saw coming…]]>



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