Kiss Me, Deadly


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Before Jack Reacher . . . there was Mike HammerOne night, a blonde jumps out in front of PI Mike Hammer’s car. She’s so scared he doesn’t have much choice but to give her a ride. At a police roadblock, he discovers she’s on the run from a sanatorium, but he passes her off as his wife. Other people besides the police are after the blonde, and these people play rough. Real rough.The blonde turns out to be the star witness against some big-time mobsters. Mike has blundered into something unimaginably big, but the Feds don’t want him involved – and take his PI licence and gun.For Mike, it’s a chance to strike a blow against evil on a grand scale. He discovers that something representing a great deal of money, and a lot of power, has gone missing, and that some people will go to any lengths to get it back . . .]]>




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