Laboratory Methods for Soil Health Analysis, Volume 2


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<b>Laboratory Methods for Soil Health Analysis</b> <p><b>Analyzing, comparing, and understanding soil health data</b> <p>The maintenance of healthy soil resources is instrumental to the success of an array of global efforts and initiatives. Whether they are working to combat food shortages, conserve our ecosystems, or mitigate the impact of climate change, researchers and agriculturalists the world over must be able to correctly examine and understand the complex nature of this essential resource. These new volumes have been designed to meet this need, addressing the many dimensions of soil health analysis in chapters that are concise, accessible and applicable to the tasks at hand. <p><i>Soil Health, Volume Two: Laboratory Methods for Soil Health Analysis</i> provides explanations of the best practices by which one may arrive at valuable, comparable data and incisive conclusions, and covers topics including: <ul><li>Sampling considerations and field evaluations</li><li>Assessment and interpretation of soil-test biological activity </li><li>Macro- and micronutrients in soil quality and health </li><li>PLFA and EL-FAME indicators </li></ul> <p>Offering a practical guide to collecting and understanding soil health data, this volume will be of great interest to all those working in agriculture, private sector businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic-, state-, and federal-research projects, as well as state and federal soil conservation, water quality and other environmental programs.