Latinx Business Success


How Latinx Ingenuity, Innovation, and Tenacity are Driving Some of the World’s Biggest Companies

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<p><b>An inspiring new message of resilient leadership</b></p> <p><i>Latinx Business Success</i> delivers a powerful and inspiring message of Latinx leadership. Via interviews with many of the most accomplished Latin business leaders in the United States, authors Frank Carbajal and Jos&eacute; Morey offer readers a full picture of what it takes to succeed in modern leadership and how to close the digital divide that keeps Latinx people underrepresented in positions of authority.</p> <p>The book explores the authors&rsquo; DIGITAL framework&mdash;which includes the principles of Decision, Intelligence, Game Plan, Insight, Technology, Abundance, and Leverage&mdash;and explains how each element of the system contributes to leadership success for current and aspiring Latinx leaders.</p> <p>Readers will also find:</p> <ul> <li>Interviews with renowned and accomplished leaders from the Latinx community, including Ramiro Cavazos, President and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Esther Aguilera, President &amp; CEO at Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA), and Silvina Moschini, Executive Producer at The Unicorn Hunters Show, and Cofounder, President, &amp; Chairwoman of the Board of Transparent Business.</li> <li>Discussions of what it means to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive society and how we&rsquo;ll know when we&rsquo;ve realized that goal</li> <li>Coverage of a wide variety of industry sectors, including healthcare, media, education, finance, tech, and athletics</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for managers, executives, and business leaders of all kinds who seek a new and refreshing perspective on leadership, <i>Latinx Business Success</i> is also required reading for any member of the Latinx community who hopes to make innovative contributions to the business world.</p>


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