Leading Equity


Becoming an Advocate for All Students

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<p><b>Transform your school and your classroom with&nbsp;these&nbsp;best practices in equity&nbsp;</b></p> <p>That the typical modern classroom lacks equity will come as no surprise to many educators. But few resources explain&nbsp;how&nbsp;to remedy that situation in the here and now.&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Leading Equity</i>&nbsp;delivers an eye-opening and actionable discussion of how to transform a classroom or school into a more equitable place. Through explorations of ten concrete steps that you can take right now, Dr. Sheldon L. Eakins offers you the skills, resources, and concepts you&rsquo;ll need to address common equity deficiencies in education. You&rsquo;ll learn about:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Things you can do today to advance the cause of equity in your classroom, from reconsidering your language choices to getting to know yourself and your students&nbsp;</li> <li>Using social justice as the basis for your advocacy for equity&nbsp;</li> <li>How to promote a decolonial atmosphere and model vulnerability and humility for your students and colleagues&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Ideal for&nbsp;educators and educational leaders at all stages of their careers,&nbsp;<i>Leading Equity&nbsp;</i>will help&nbsp;you&nbsp;improve&nbsp;your&nbsp;ability to offer an equitable environment to&nbsp;all of&nbsp;your&nbsp;students.&nbsp;</p>