Leading with IT


Lessons from Singapore’s First CIO

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<p><b>Explore the insights of a world-leading CIO as he expounds on the challenges faced by technology executives and how to overcome them</b></p> <p>As the pace of change in business continues to rapidly accelerate, Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers are often left with accountability for future-proofing their organizations. Renowned professor, executive, and author Alex Siow shows you how you can meet that challenge while managing the information overload that often accompanies these positions.</p> <p>In <i>Leading with IT: Lessons from Singapore&rsquo;s First CIO</i>, the author uses his expansive and impressive experience in academia and industry to lead you down a path to achieving success as a CIO or CTO. Filled with practical tips, case studies, and personal insights, the book discusses:</p> <ul> <li>The management of legacy information and telecommunications technology</li> <li>The information overload often suffered by technology executives</li> <li>How to motivate and mentor a workforce</li> <li>How to manage change effectively</li> <li>The fostering of innovation</li> <li>The future of money, work, and artificial intelligence</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for CIOs, CTOs, and the executives, managers, and employees who work with and for them, <i>Leading with IT</i> delivers an engaging and insightful exploration of what it takes to achieve astounding results at the intersection of technology and business.</p>