Letters from a Stoic


The Ancient Classic

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<p><b>DISCOVER THE ENDURING LEGACY OF ANCIENT STOICISM</b></p> <p>Since Roman antiquity, Lucius Annaeus Seneca&rsquo;s Letters have been one of the greatest expressions of Stoic philosophy. In a highly accessible and timeless way, Seneca reveals the importance of cultivating virtue and the fleeting nature of time, and how being clear sighted about death allows us to live a life of meaning and contentment.</p> <p>Letters from a Stoic continues to fascinate and inspire new generations of readers, including those interested in mindfulness and psychological techniques for well-being.</p> <p>This deluxe hardback selected edition includes Seneca&rsquo;s first 65 letters from the Richard M. Gummere translation. &nbsp;An insightful introduction by Donald Robertson traces Seneca&rsquo;s busy life at the centre of Roman power, explores how he reconciled his Stoic outlook with vast personal wealth, and highlights Seneca&rsquo;s relevance for the modern reader.</p>


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