Life, Almost


Miscarriage, medicine and a search for answers from the brink of motherhood

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‘Now that we’re talking about miscarriage, we should also be asking why we don’t know more about it: from why miscarriages happen in the first place and the lingering psychological effects, to who it is more likely to affect and how it can be prevented.’Miscarriage sits at the centre of a Venn diagram of things we find uncomfortable to talk about: sex, death and menstruation. An alarming absence of data keeps miscarriage under-funded, under-studied and ultimately misunderstood, to the detriment of women everywhere. After losing four pregnancies only to be told there was no obvious cause and she should ‘just keep trying’, Jennie began to examine the accepted narrative around miscarriage and her medical care. Then she discovered she was pregnant for a fifth time.Blending Jennie’s powerful journey to motherhood with rigorous scientific investigation, Life, Almost takes a deep dive into miscarriage. Drawing on new, in-depth research and original interviews with world-leading experts, Jennie challenges the myth that miscarriage can’t be prevented.]]>