Liquid Crystal Displays


Addressing Schemes and Electro-Optical Effects

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<b>LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAYS</b> <p><b>THE NEW EDITION OF THE GOLD-STANDARD IN TEACHING AND REFERENCING THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LCD TECHNOLOGIES</b> <p>This book presents an up-to-date view of modern LCD technology. Offering balanced coverage of all major aspects of the field, this comprehensive volume provides the theoretical and practical information required for the development and manufacture of high-performance, energy-efficient LCDs. <p>The third edition incorporates new technologies and applications throughout. Several brand-new chapters discuss topics such as the application of Oxide TFTs and high mobility circuits, high-mobility TFT-semiconductors in LCD addressing, liquid crystal displays in automotive instrument clusters and touch-screen systems, and the use of ultra-high-resolution LCD panels in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) displays. This practical reference and guide: <ul><li>Provides a complete account of commercially relevant LCD technologies, including their physics, mathematical descriptions, and electronic addressing</li> <li>Features extensively revised and expanded information, including more than 150 pages of new material</li> <li>Includes the addition of Oxide Transistors and their increased mobilities, the advances of fringe field switching and an overview of automotive displays</li> <li>Presents quantitative results with full equation sets, their derivation, and tabular summaries of related information sets</li></ul>