A World History

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<p><b>A broad exploration of the history of world literature and the many varieties of literary expression </b> <p><i>Literature: A World History</i> encompasses all the world&rsquo;s major literary traditions, emphasizing the interrelationship of local and national cultures over time. Spanning global literature from the beginnings of recorded history to the present day, this expansive four-volume set examines the many varieties of the world&rsquo;s literatures in their social and intellectual contexts. Its four volumes are devoted to literature before 200 CE, from 200 to 1500, from 1500 to 1800, and from 1800 to 2000, with four dozen contributors providing new insights into the art of literature and address the situation of literature in the world today. <p>Organized throughout six broad regions&mdash;Africa, the Americas, East Asia, Europe, South and Southeast Asia and Oceania, and West and Central Asia&mdash;<i>Literature: A World History</i> offers readers a clear and consistent treatment of diverse forms of literary expression across time and place. Throughout the text, particular emphasis is placed on literary institutions within different regional and linguistic cultures<b> </b>and on the relations between literature and a spectrum of social, political, and religious contexts. <ul> <li>Features work by an international panel of leading scholars from around the globe, in Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and the United States</li> <li>Provides a balanced overview of national and global literature from all major regions of the world from antiquity to the present</li> <li>Highlights the specificity of regional and local cultures throughout much of literary history, together with cross-cutting essays on topics such as different writing systems, court cultures, and utopias</li> </ul> <p><i>Literature: A World History</i> is an invaluable reference work for undergraduate and graduate students as well as scholars looking for a wide-ranging overview of global literary history.