Lonely Less


How to Connect with Others, Make Friends and Feel Less Lonely

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<p><b>Explore strategies, ideas and advice for overcoming loneliness </b></p> <p>Anyone, whatever their age, gender, culture or abilities, can find themselves separate and disconnected from others and feeling lonely. If you feel lonely you are lonely. And it’s not nice.</p> <p>But your situation can change for the better!</p> <p>In <i>Lonely Less: How to Connect with Others, Make Friends and Feel Less Lonely</i>, bestselling author Gill Hasson delivers practical strategies you can implement immediately to counter loneliness and connect with other people.</p> <p>The book recognises that as social beings, we each need to interact with others; to connect in positive ways and feel that we are understood, that we belong and are valued by others.</p> <p>It offers:</p> <ul> <li>A guide to meeting new people and making friends</li> <li>Advice on how best to ‘fit in’ with others</li> <li>Ideas on how to spend time alone</li> <li>Recommendations for keeping connected when working from home</li> <li>Expert advice on managing existential loneliness; the disconnection that can follow a traumatic experience</li> </ul> <p>Whether you’re looking to empower yourself or help someone else, <i>Lonely Less</i> is a must-read in order to better connect with others, take part in social activities, make friends, be understood and feel a sense of belonging.</p>


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