Lost Worlds of 1863


Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater Southwest

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<p><b>A&nbsp;comparative history of the relocation and removal of indigenous societies in the Greater American Southwest&nbsp;during the mid-nineteenth century&nbsp;&nbsp;</b>&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Lost Worlds of 1863: Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater Southwest</i>&nbsp;offers&nbsp;a unique comparative narrative approach to the diaspora experiences of the&nbsp;Apaches, O&rsquo;odham and Yaqui in Arizona and Sonora, the Navajo and Yavapai in Arizona, the Shoshone of Utah,&nbsp;the Utes of Colorado, the Northern Paiutes of Nevada and California, and other&nbsp;indigenous communities&nbsp;in the region.&nbsp;Focusing on the events of the year 1863, W. Dirk Raat&nbsp;provides an in-depth examination of the mid-nineteenth century genocide&nbsp;and devastation&nbsp;of the American Indian.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Addressing&nbsp;the&nbsp;loss of both&nbsp;the&nbsp;identity&nbsp;and&nbsp;the&nbsp;sacred landscape of indigenous peoples, the author&nbsp;compares various kinds of relocation between&nbsp;different&nbsp;indigenous&nbsp;groups&nbsp;ranging from the&nbsp;removal&nbsp;and assimilation policies of the United States government&nbsp;regarding the Navajo and Paiute people,&nbsp;to the outright massacre and extermination of the Bear River Shoshone.&nbsp;The book is organized around&nbsp;detailed&nbsp;individual&nbsp;case studies&nbsp;that include&nbsp;extensive histories of the pre-contact, Spanish, and Mexican&nbsp;worlds&nbsp;that created the context for&nbsp;the pivotal events&nbsp;of 1863. This important volume:&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Narrates the history of Indian communities such as the Yavapai, Apache, O’odham,&nbsp;and&nbsp;Navajo&nbsp;both before and after 1863&nbsp;</li> <li>Addresses how the American Indian has been able to survive genocide, and in some cases thrive in the present day&nbsp;</li> <li>Discusses topics including Indian&nbsp;slavery and Lincoln&rsquo;s Emancipation Proclamation,&nbsp;the Yaqui deportation, Apache prisoners of war, and Great Basin tribal politics&nbsp;</li> <li>Explores Indian ceremonial rites and belief systems to illustrate the relationship between sacred landscapes and personal identity&nbsp;</li> <li>Features&nbsp;sub-chapters&nbsp;on topics such as the Hopi-Navajo land controversy and Native American boarding schools&nbsp;</li> <li>Includes numerous maps and illustrations,&nbsp;contextualizing&nbsp;the content&nbsp;for readers&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p><i>Lost Worlds of 1863: Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater&nbsp;Southwest</i>&nbsp;is essential reading for academics, students, and general readers with interest in Western history, Native American history,&nbsp;and the history of Indian-White relations in the United States and Mexico.&nbsp;</p>