Machine Learning and Data Science


Fundamentals and Applications

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<p>Machine learning (ML) and data science (DS) are very active topics with an extensive scope, both in terms of theory and applications. They have been established as an important emergent scientific field and paradigm driving research evolution in such disciplines as statistics, computing science and intelligence science, and practical transformation in such domains as science, engineering, the public sector, business, social science, and lifestyle. Simultaneously, their applications provide important challenges that can often be addressed only with innovative machine learning and data science algorithms.</p> <p>These algorithms encompass the larger areas of artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, pattern recognition, natural language understanding, and big data manipulation. They also tackle related new scientific challenges, ranging from data capture, creation, storage, retrieval, sharing, analysis, optimization, and visualization, to integrative analysis across heterogeneous and interdependent complex resources for better decision-making, collaboration, and, ultimately, value creation.</p> <p>The outstanding new volume focuses on the latest developments in machine learning and data science, as well as on the synergy between data science and machine learning. This book explores new developments in statistics, mathematics and computing that are relevant for data science from a machine learning perspective, including foundations, systems, innovative applications and other research contributions related to the overall design of machine learning and models and algorithms that are relevant for data science.</p> <p>The book encompasses all aspects of research and development in ML and DS, including but not limited to data discovery, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), intelligent systems, neural networks, AI-based software engineering, bioinformatics and their applications in the areas of engineering, business and social sciences. It covers a broad spectrum of applications in the community, from industry, government, and academia. Whether for the veteran engineer or scientist, the student, or a manager or other technician working in the field, this volume is a must-have for any library.</p>


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