Machine Learning Approaches for Convergence of IoT and Blockchain


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<b>MACHINE LEARNING APPROACHES FOR CONVERGENCE OF IOT AND BLOCKCHAIN</b> <p><b>The unique aspect of this book is that its focus is the convergence of machine learning, IoT, and blockchain in a single publication.</b> <p>Blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two of the most impactful trends to have emerged in the field of machine learning. Although there are a number of books available solely on the subjects of machine learning, IoT and blockchain technology, no such book has been available which focuses on machine learning techniques for IoT and blockchain convergence until now. Thus, this book is unique in terms of the topics it covers. Designed as an essential guide for all academicians, researchers, and those in industry who are working in related fields, this book will provide insights into the convergence of blockchain technology and the IoT with machine learning. <p>Highlights of the book include: <ul><li>Examines many industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, food production, healthcare, the military, and IT</li> <li>Security of the Internet of Things using blockchain and AI</li> <li>Developing smart cities and transportation systems using machine learning and IoT</li></ul> <p><b>Audience</b> <p>The target audience of this book is professionals and researchers (artificial intelligence specialists, systems engineers, information technologists) in the fields of machine learning, IoT, and blockchain technology.