Magician’s Daughter


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After one disastrous magic show too many, Abby’s dad decides to give up showbiz. Abby’s mum was the dazzling magician. Now she’s gone, it doesn’t feel the same.But when Abby finds her mum’s dusty old book, they decide to put on a show for some care home residents. The book’s spells inspire new joy. A lady feels young again when she is lifted into a dance, and two children learn that anything is possible when they fly . . .Life still has its troubles – Dad is short for money and Abby must face bullies and self-doubt. But they are determined to share their magic and stage one last spectacle in London . . . a show where their town discovers the meaning of true magic.Discover the power of community and everyday magic in The Magician’s Daughter by Caryl Lewis.]]>