Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown-Up


The Best Money Advice You Never Got

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You’re going to earn plenty of money over your lifetime. Are you going to waste it on stupid crap that doesn’t make you happy, or let it buy your freedom and your most audacious dreams?We never get an instruction manual about how money works. Most of what we learn about money comes from advertising or from other people who know as little as we do. No wonder we make such basic mistakes. No wonder we feel disempowered and scared. No wonder so many of us just decide to stick our heads in the damn sand and never deal with it. In Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown Up, Sam Beckbessinger tells it to you straight: how to take control of your money to take control of your life.In this clear and engaging basic guide to managing your finances, you will learn: – How to trick your dumb brain into saving more, without giving up fun- How to make a bona fide grown-up budget- Why you need to forget what you’ve learned about credit- How to negotiate a raise- Why buying a house (probably) won’t make you rich- The one super-simple investment you needWith helpful exercises, informative illustrations (also: kittens) and straightforward advice, this book doesn’t shy away from the psychology of money, and is empowering, humorous and helpful. The book you wish you’d had at 25, but is never too late to read.]]>