Management of Data Center Networks


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<b>MANAGEMENT OF DATA CENTER NETWORKS</b> <p><b>Discover state-of-the-art developments in DCNs from leading international voices in the field</b><p>In <i>Management of Data Center Networks</i>, accomplished researcher and editor Dr. Nadjib Aitsaadi delivers a rigorous and insightful exploration of the network management challenges that present within intra- and inter-data center networks, including reliability, routing, and security. The book also discusses new architectures found in data center networks that aim to minimize the complexity of network management while maximizing Quality of Service, like Wireless/Wired DCNs, server-only DCNs, and more.<p>As DCNs become increasingly popular with the spread of cloud computing and multimedia social networks employing new transmission technologies like 5G wireless and wireless fiber, the editor provides readers with chapters written by world-leading authors on topics like routing, the reliability of inter-data center networks, energy management, and security.<p>The book also offers:<ul><li>A thorough overview of the architectures of data center networks, including the classification of switch-centric, server-centric, enhanced, optical, and wireless DCN architectures</li><li>An exploration of resource management in wired and wireless data center networks, including routing and wireless channel allocation and assignment challenges and criteria</li><li>Practical discussions of inter-data center networks, including an overview of basic virtual network embedding</li><li>Examinations of energy and security management in data center networks</li></ul><p>Perfect for academic and industrial researchers studying the optimization of data center networks, <i>Management of Data Center Networks</i> is also an indispensable guide for anyone seeking a one-stop resource on the architectures, protocols, security, and tools required to effectively manage data centers.