Manager of Choice

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5 Competencies for Cultivating Top Talent

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When top-performing employees leave a job, they’re often quitting their manager rather than their position or their company. In this book, copublished with the Society for Human Resource Management, Nancy Ahlrichs charts unexplored territory as she explains how to become a “manager of choice” in a business environment in which managing human capital is the new imperative. Today employees care more about family, leisure time, and personal satisfaction than about money, status, or company loyalty, and they have more job choices than ever before. They are “consumers of the work experience,” says Ahlrichs, and managers must adapt to their individual needs just as they adapt to the preferences of valued customers. Employers of Choice have set the standard for superior work environments. Now, with the help of worksheets, resource lists, and compelling case studies, Ahlrichs shows how to develop the five critical skills for becoming a manager of choice: talent scouting, relationship building, trust building, skill building, and brand building.]]>



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