Manifesting Democracy?


Urban Protests and the Politics of Representation in Brazil Post – 2013

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<p>This volume explores the series of public protests &ndash; <i>manifesta&ccedil;&otilde;es</i> &ndash; that took place in a number of Brazilian cities in June and July 2013, when thousands of people took to the streets to demand improvements in urban infrastructures.</p> <ul> <li>Critically examines the role these protests played in politics, the political and their relationships to urban space and culture</li> <li>Analyses their connections to the emergence of a &lsquo;New Right&rsquo; in Brazil, which saw the election of Bolsonaro</li> <li>Includes first-hand accounts and brings together contributions from both activists and scholars within a number of different fields (geography, history, philosophy, art, political economy)</li> <li>The first interdisciplinary English language anthology to address Brazil&rsquo;s 2013 protests and the broader political and cultural questions they raise</li> <li>A major contribution to Brazilian and Latin American Studies in Europe and the USA, as well as interdisciplinary studies of social movements, urban culture and politics</li> </ul>