Marcus Rashford You Are a Champion Action Planner


50 Activities to Achieve Your Dreams

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One of the best things you can do for yourself is imagine a world where you can reach your full potential. The more you picture that, the easier it becomes to make that dream happen.The Marcus Rashford You Are a Champion Action Planner is an interactive guide that will show you how to become a champion in anything you put your mind to!Marcus has inspired millions of children around the world in his empowering and bestselling guide for life, You Are a Champion – now, he’s created a fun and engaging action planner packed with positive activities, brilliant advice and inspiring challenges that will help you reach your full potential.Marcus has once again teamed up with performance psychologist Katie Warriner and journalist Carl Anka, his collaborators on the award-winning book You Are a Champion, to help you achieve your dreams.Praise for the number one bestselling You Are a Champion, from parents on social media:’Perfect way to get your kids reading – get them a book by their hero!”My 8 year old decided to finally read a book that wasn’t school related.”What a brilliant, inspiring book that couldn’t have come at a better time! You’re a legend & a fantastic role model.”Thank you for inspiring young readers.’]]>