Markers in Cardiology – AHA


Current and Future Clinical Applications

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Diagnostic accuracy is critical for the identification and treatment of patients with potential cardiac disease. There is now an ever-increasing reliance on the measured levels of diverse proteins (i.e. markers) whose presence in varying amounts can suggest certain cardiovascular pathologies and help to identify optimal therapeutic alternatives. <i>Cardiac Markers: Current and Future Applications</i> is designed to familiarize the reader with these concepts, and to facilitate the application of these concepts to patients with cardiac disease. <p>The chapters in this monograph detail the past, present, and potential future of markers used for the detection of myocardial injury and for risk assessment as part of a cardiovascular disease work-up strategy. The strengths of this extensive overview, written by many of the current leaders in the field, lie in the evidence presented in addressing analytical/technical, clinical, and outcome-assessments of each biomarker currently used in clinical practice, and for those being investigated as potential cutting-edge tools. Clinical cardiologists, pathologists, researchers, and critical and primary care physicians interested in the clinical application of blood-based assays in cardiac patients will all learn from this monograph.</p>


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