Market Wizards, Disc 3


Interview with Richard Dennis: A Legend Retires

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<p>How do some of the world&rsquo;s most successful traders amass millions of dollars in a year… or sometimes in just hours? Are they masters of a priceless wizardry or simply the very lucky winners in a random market lottery that allows only a few players to become fantastically wealthy? What are the secrets of their unheard-of success?</p> <p>Market expert Jack D. Schwager interviews top traders in a variety of markets and determines that an interesting mix of method and mental posture is largely responsible, and presents Market Wizards in a way that allows the listener a glimpse into the minds of these most remarkable traders. Understand what it takes to succeed, and hear it in the words of the Market Wizards themselves.</p> <p>This interview CD 3 of 12 contains the conversation with Richard Dennis.</p>