MATLAB Supplement to Fuzzy and Neural Approaches in Engineering


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This book and disk set introduces the fundamentals necessary toapply fuzzy systems, neural networks, and integrated “neurofuzzy”technology to engineering problems using MATLAB. Whether used onits own or as a companion to Fuzzy and Neural Approaches inEngineering by Lefteri H. Tsoukalas and Robert E. Uhrig (Wiley1997), it takes readers step by step from theory to codedevelopment and implementation–enabling students andresearchers to explore the new frontiers in soft computing.<br> <br> The Supplement features:<br> * A practical introduction to MATLAB, plus lists of online andother available resources<br> * MATLAB code demonstrations of theory and architecturesdiscussed in Fuzzy and Neural Approaches in Engineering<br> * Foundations of fuzzy approaches and relationships, fuzzynumbers, and fuzzy control<br> * Fundamentals of competitive, associative, and dynamic neuralnetworks and neural control systems<br> * Practical coverage of neural methods in fuzzy systems and otherhybrid neurofuzzy systems and applications.<br> <br> System requirements for IBM-compatible disk:<br> * 486 processor (Pentium recommended)<br> * 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended)<br> * 5 MB hard disk space<br> * MATLAB–student or professional edition<br> * Microsoft Word 6.0 or 7.0.


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